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Warning: This blog post is going to be incredibly dull (if you like photos)!  That’s because I’m a luddite and cannot figure out how to do the thing I used to do in order to get photos from my phone onto this platform (it takes uploading, downloading and uploading again, which somehow now converts a […]


Guess what?  I’m reopening tomorrow!  Per Governor Scott and the Vermont Agency of Commerce and Community Development’s phased reopening, massage therapists can begin to see clients again.   I’m super excited about this because I’ve missed working so much.  I feel best when I’m helping – It’s why I was called to do this work […]

COVID-10 Info (Updates frequently)

**Updated Monday, March 16th @ 9:00p.m.** I am still seeing clients! One-on-one sessions in a clean, controlled environment are safe for both of us. Below is a copy of the email I sent out to clients this on Sunday morning 3/15/20. This post has been thrown together quickly and somewhat haphazardly, but I plan to […]

Hey friend, I’m not sure how you feel about Valentine’s Day, but I think we should talk about it. I mean, sure, it’s a woefully commercialized “holiday” that comes loaded with cheap candy and cheesy greeting cards.  And the pressure to get a date or give the perfect gift … ugh! It’s a celebration that […]

Finally . . . my take on spiritual health

It didn’t come easily, but I’ve finally made good on the spirituality post I promised back in August and again in October.   Spirituality vs. Religion The first thing I want to point out is that when I talk about spirituality I’m not referring to religion.  There’s a huge difference between the two. People way more […]

October Greetings & Housekeeping

Good afternoon, my friends.  As I watch October unfold before me I am reminded of the incredible transition our landscape is under.  How quickly the lush greens from those early days of September have faded into muted, earthy yellows and browns.  Even the occasional pops of crimson or amber are fewer and further between.  Gone […]

Back to School

Well hello there! I just got back from the annual flag ceremony at my kids’ elementary school.  It’s a really sweet tradition where each class lines up in front of the school while the parents snap photos of their kiddos with all their buddies.  Sometimes a kindergartener or two cries (at least 10 parents of […]

Body Hair? Don’t Care!

Body fat?  Don’t sweat that! Body fit?  Don’t give a  . . . you get the idea. Today I want to talk about an important topic; body image (I will use the term “beauty” and body image almost interchangeably).  Specifically, I want to talk about your body as it relates to massage.  At least once […]

My Take on Essential Oils

Hey friend!   Let’s face it, you knew this was coming; a blog post about essential oils and aromatherapy.  After all, are there any wellness-related blogs in the blogosphere that don’t cover it at some point?  Doubtful! I will NOT, however, try to sell you essential oils! Multi-level marketing companies are not my thing, so […]