What’s New Around Here?

Sunrise on a race day near Mt. Washington.

Ok, so I’ve been a little M.I.A. this winter. But let’s be honest, there is enough web content out there, from celebrity hijinx to political drama to global crises to self-help master classes . . . we’re all over-stimulated and nature deprived; I’m sure you survived just fine during my hibernation.

But in case you are in the .2% that likes my ramblings, here’s what has been going on in the massage therapy epicenter of the galactic universe;

I had a crazy fun time skiing this winter with my two boys! We went every Friday afternoon with the elementary school and I got to pretend that I know how to teach kids to ski. It’s fun because my own children are somehow really great skiers, and since I taught them to ski, everyone thinks I must know something. Shhhh, don’t tell anyone . . . I know almost nothing. At this point my 11 year old is teaching me and my 6 year old (and pretty much anyone else around him) how to “carve”. Look it up, I didn’t know either.

Apres ski at my house. I had a LOT of kids that day!

I also had the great privilege of taking my older boy and his 3 fabulous gal pal/teammates to ski practice every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday afternoons at a ski area about an hour away. We built a killer playlist and rocked out the whole way down. On my rides back (thank GOD there are other parents in our carpool who do pick up!) I blissed out to the silence that only a sleeping kindergartener can make when he’s resting up for a ridiculously late bedtime, and often wetting his car seat for some extra fun. As a bonus, I was able to increase the number of miles on my new-to-me car (my Mother’s Day present to myself last year – yay self-employment!) by approximately 2200 in about a month and a half!

I spent most weekends at various ski mountains throughout Vermont and New Hampshire, watching my kid race and marveling at the variety of weather conditions that fall under the category of “Winter” in New England.

Requisite sugaring selfie.

The boys and I tapped our trees and our family is in the process of boiling! It’s been so fun to be able to just send them out to collect sap in the afternoons while I tend to things inside. I like to unplug my router and light an oil lamp and pretend we’re homesteaders for a while. (Just kidding, I don’t do either of those things!) But I do enjoy the process of converting wood to flame, sap to syrup. The smell of hardwood smoke and sweet steam filling our garage is one of the loveliest sensory experiences of the year, and I hope they remember this when I’m old and weird and ask them things like “why don’t they make manual transmissions on cars anymore?” (seriously though, why?).

Sometimes this winter, I also worked. Some of you may have even been able to catch me on a few of these occasions, while I suspect others of you had all but given up ever being able to find an opening in my schedule. Ahhhh, the struggles of striking that perfect work-life balance! If you fall into the latter category, you’ll be happy to learn that I’ve expanded my hours!

New Hours!

I now have hours on Tuesday and Thursday evenings, plus mid-day hours the rest of the week! Click here to check out my scheduler and find a nice little slot that works for you!

Happy Birthday!

Are you one of those people that have a birthday every year? If so, I’ve got something you’re gonna love! I’m approximately 6 months shy of a pretty big milestone . . . the big 4-0, and when I was thinking about all the things I’d like for my birthday, I realized that if everything I liked and wanted could just be a little cheaper in my honor, that would be swell. Soooooo, I created a BIRTHDAY discount code for my site. So, whether you already had a birthday in 2019 or you’re going to, please use code “BIRTHDAY2019” when you book yourself a massage. I’m not going to tell you you have to use it on or around your birthday, you do you. But I will tell you it’ll only work once . . . choose your redemption time wisely!

I think there might have been something else I wanted to share, but it’s 10:00 p.m. and it’s tax season (should probably get started on those) and it’s snowing and I’m not so great at the remembering game, so you’ll just have to stay tuned for my next burst of inspiration. I promise it’ll be sooner than 6 months from now, and I promise it’ll smell good. (That was foreshadowing, because maybe I actually do know what I’m gonna write about!)