Truly Devine touch and power. I am only grateful and honored to have met and been helped by Abby. She is gifted and authentically want to help. This was my best experience with massage therapy and I won’t go to anyone else. Thank you. Namaste.

Rama Wesley WolterMA, MS, LCMHC, LADC, RYT200

SOUL CARE is how I would describe a visit with Abby Copeland, CMT. She tunes into my individual needs; physical and emotional, and seems to be guided by intuition and energy. I always leave a session with Abby in a relaxed, healing space!

Jolene Vogelien

First of all, I admire Abby for diving head first into her own business including attending classes and becoming certified while also juggling everything that entails motherhood. As a mother and business owner myself, I could always use some “me time” but rarely partake in such luxury! Besides the typical daily stresses, I was struggling with multiple health issues and the death of a close family member when I started to go to Abby for massages. My time spent on the massage table definitely assisted with my much needed release and relaxation. Abby is very kind and is open to where to focus her attention. I’m thankful that she is practicing and will continue to use and recommend her services.

Cindy Ross

I have been going to Abby Copeland Massage for a little under a year. I have worked with  several massage therapists over the years for general wellness and low back issues. Abby Copeland is a very skilled practitioner. She is professional and knowledgeable. She has an excellent grasp of muscle mechanics and uses her knowledge to find and work problem areas with just the right amount of pressure. She has a good blend of therapeutic and relaxation techniques.  Several times I have come in with a flare up of back pain and left with significant improvement. I have recommended her to several friends and I will continue to do so.

Nick Zandstra

Abby is amazing! She takes the time to pay attention to details to make your experience feel safe and comfortable prior to your massage, during and after. Abby’s energy is calming which supports the idea of relaxation and I love when she uses her own blends of massage oil that she has made herself. She listens to your body and what it may need and she also takes the time prior to the massage to hear from you about how you feel your body is doing. Abby is 5 stars! I would and have recommended her to loved ones.

Kyla SuarezMS, RYT-200hr

From the moment you lay on the massage table, Abby takes the utmost care of you! Her presence, knowledge, and nurturing energy allow you to feel relaxed and at ease. I’ve received several massages from Abby over the past year and each one has been tailored to my specific needs. She has a wonderful offering of aromatherapy essential oils to choose from that make every massage feel like a special treat! I highly recommend Abby if you are looking for an all around relaxing or stress reducing massage or if you have specific problem areas that are in need of therapeutic massage and healing touch.

Sheena LoschiavoRYT

I’ve seen Abby on a number of occasions for massage and would most definitely recommend her services!  Generally, I’m just looking to relax and her massage always does the trick. I also tend to get a lot of knots in my shoulders and just inside my shoulder blades from sitting at a keyboard all week.  I find that Abby is able to really dig in to the knots to get rid of them, but also adjusts the pressure elsewhere on my body so I just feel relaxed and pampered. She was also able to help me understand how certain muscle groups connect, explaining why a chronic lower back tightness/ache could be the result of tightness in other muscle groups.   She recommended exercises I could do at home to help alleviate the tension. More recently, I visited her for a regular massage and mentioned an injury I had sustained to my chest/neck/shoulder area. I wasn’t really thinking massage could help, but found her depth of knowledge about the muscles groups and nerve centers in that area of the body to be very impressive.   She was able to do some additional work on those areas which provided some relief and helped get me on the path to healing.

Andrea Moore