My Very First Blog . . .

I guess I have a blog now.  


It’s not that I didn’t mean for this to happen.  In fact, I’ve been dreaming of a blog since I first knew they existed.  A platform for me to ramble and wax about all the things I think and care about, with a boundless audience via the world wide web?   Yes, please. But oh wait, I am a terrible editor and maybe they’ll see my typos. And I don’t really know a lot about anything, I just THINK a lot about everything.  And I have no interest in mastering SEO (search engine optimization) or cross-promoting or any of the other back-end tricks that bloggers use to gain visibility and ultimately get paid.  And oh dear GOD, the comments? How will I ever weather the comment poop-storm churned up by angry trolls or other folks who fire shots from behind blue screens in the dark of the night?


And yet, here I am.  




Because I want to be able to share what I think or know when it might be able to help someone, namely my clients.  I want to be able to broadcast useful information or updates about my massage therapy practice (and hopefully, someday, other offerings).  If I learn about how to perform orthopedic assessments on neck and thorax injuries (I’m doing that this weekend!) I want to convey what I learn in a way that provides some hope for folks suffering from those issues.  If I have an encouraging word or uplifting story, I want to share that with someone who might need it. I want to harness the power of words and the internet to bring goodness to my actual community, and if it ends up being helpful to someone beyond, all the better.  


And I want to do these things . . .  wait for it. . . without social media.  (Insert appalled gasp or doubtful snicker here).  I’m not saying social media is inherently bad, but I’ve seen lot less good come out of it than I think the return should be after such a weighty investment we, as a society, have made in it (100% guilty, right here!)  I want to spend less time on social media, and for that matter, on a device of any kind, and more time connecting with people in real life.  I want to create a business that uses the internet (and maybe some limited social media) in a smart and judicious way, but can still function if I lose my password (I’m ALWAYS losing my passwords).  I want to succeed by doing good work, a great word-of-mouth network and impeccable ethics.


This won’t be a snazzy, blog.  It’s not going to be linked up with my Insta, or require you to sign up for a free download just to read it.  It’s going to be the kind of blog that will make professional bloggers roll their eyes. And I’m cool with that.  I’ll just post a thing now and then and invite you to read it. If you dig it, yay. If you don’t, for Pete’s sake, don’t comment some nasty BS.  


Thanks for stopping in!