Golden Milk for Gray Days

Happy Monday, friends!  

Quick post here, to talk about another little thing we can do to help improve our health; Golden Milk.  Read through for a FREE offer at the end!


Per usual, this post is inspired by what I’m observing in my massage therapy practice as well as in my own personal experience.  In the past few weeks it seems like everyone is presenting with general achiness and/or a re-appearance of old pain patterns that had more or less gone dormant over the summer.  I don’t have a medical explanation for this, but my personal theory is that the adjustment to cold and dark, and less outside/exercise time is a little stressful, and when we’re stressed, we become more inflamed.  Even if it’s not the mental stress that causes us to “freak out”, there’s a subtle adjustment that our bodies are making to restore equilibrium. And it doesn’t feel good.


For my part, although my diet has remained relatively consistent, the joint pain I sometimes experience (and can typically manage through diet and lifestyle) has flared.  In addition to feeling a little more tired and chilly, my body aches. This resurgence of symptoms had me reaching to the back of my fridge for the jar of turmeric paste I thought was there (it was not, but I found some yummy little pickles so, SCORE).  I went a whipped up a new batch and have been consuming Golden Milk daily, with positive results. BUT . . . I made way too much. . . hence the FREE offer (if you’re still reading this, you’re my favorite).


If you haven’t heard about Golden Milk yet, here’s the quick and dirty:  Golden Milk is an ancient Ayurvedic (that’s the thousands-year-old healing tradition of much of present-day India.) tonic meant to nourish the body and soothe the soul.  It’s made from turmeric paste and milk (please note, “milk” can be whatever kind works with your diet – doesn’t have to be dairy), served warm and consumed as one might a cup of decaf tea or hot cocoa.  The health benefits of Golden Milk are almost innumerable, and they are almost entirely due to the turmeric.


What’s the deal with Turmeric?

Turmeric has many positive benefits: it supports detoxification for the liver; promotes a healthy response to allergens and a healthy immune response; assists digestion; helps purify the blood; and promotes health of the lungs, circulation and nervous system. Turmeric contains curcumin, a flavonoid which supports a healthy inflammatory response, thereby promoting general well-being.  This anti-inflammatory business is what I think is most beneficial right now, but honestly, it’s warm and delicious, so what do we have to lose?!


So, about that “free” offer . . .

If you schedule a massage between now and January 31st, and bring a mug, I’m going to bring some nice, warm golden milk for you to try, for FREE.  Just use the code GOLDEN when you book, so I know you’re into it. Of course, you don’t have to try it if you hate being warm or feeling good (weirdo).  Because I don’t keep dairy on hand, I’ll be making your golden milk with organic coconut milk (which, unlike dairy, is also anti-inflammatory).

Click here to schedule.

In the meantime, just take good care of yourself.  We’re heading to the season of stress and excess, but try to maintain a little bit of self care, whatever that looks like for you.





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